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The Valentine's Day Drinking and History tour

The Singles DRINKING Tour

Speed dating NYC

A Play & Meet Social Event!! 

This tour includes the following:

  • Duration: 3 hours

  • Where: Midtown Manhattan/Hell's Kitchen

  • A Friendly Play & Meet Host 

  • Trivia & Group Engagement Games

  • 1 Complimentary Starter Drink

  • 1 Drink minimum 

  • 2 Local bars

  • End of Night Match-up Cards

  • Age Range: 20s, 30s & 40s

Single in NYC? Looking for friends? Come join the club! We meet every week at the local bar to commiserate about our loneliness and compare dating stories ;) Bring your wallet, because drinks are on you! No but really... Check out this fresh take on meeting people in NYC! Join us for this fun social event! Come on out and make new social and/or romantic connections, win prizes and meet other fun locals! 

Our friendly host will welcome everyone and you'll get to meet, chat with and play fun social games with the group. Then, similar to traditional speed dating, you'll rotate through the group getting a chance to meet all the other singles in attendance. You will be given a "match sheet" so you can indicate who you would like to speak with again. If they also choose you, our host will send you each others' contact information within 24 hours after the event. But don't worry, you'll have plenty of time to decide who you're interested in. Our host will also be offering free advice on how to make a good impression - just remember to act cool, calm and collected and never mention your pet hamster!

A Play & Speed Meet dating event is a much better way to meet someone. You'll have fun with easy games to play to get to know everyone instead of dealing with the usual  "job interview" type questions. We find that it's a much better way to get to know someone! 



Enjoy an evening of meeting new people, fun social interactions and games... No skill necessary, just a bit of luck! Our friendly host will be orchestrating the event and making introductions among the group. You'll participate in several games during the evening while getting a chance to interact with all members. Win a gam and prizes!


-We usually have between 20 and 30 or so people in attendance.

-We don't exactly gender balance the event occasionally we have a few more women than men and sometimes we have a few more men than women. Either way we make sure you get to meet a good amount of locals.

-You can come solo. But you can also invite friends to join you. Everyone must have a ticket to enter.

-Is there a dress code? No specific dress code. We just suggest "neat casual".

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