Audio Tours

We now offer audio tours!! We offer these tours for any and all.

Perhaps you don't want your holiday bogged down by the rigors of a schedule and yet you'd still love to learn about the non-touristy parts of this city/nightlife... take our audio tour!!

Perhaps you just need a little help following the tour because english isn't your native language... take our audio tour!!

Whatever the reason may be we love this city and we are so excited to encourage and support as many as we can with this language assistance option. 

This audio tour includes the following:

  • Audio tour download  for  the Prohibition and Speakeasy tours only.

  • Google map link to easily follow the route of the tour.

  • 3 major historic stops


*Wifi is needed for the initial download of the audio tour but is not needed for the duration of the audio tour. All establishments open regularly by 4pm although we do not control slurs do to private parties or extenuating circumstances. We do not provide food or drinks for the audio tour. As with any restaurant/bar in New York purchase is necessary. We cannot guarantee entry or availability to these designated establishemnts outside of the tour.