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The NYC Luxary Tour

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Join us as we explore 4-5 neighborhoods through the lens of drinking.  

“There is a place like no place on earth... “ New York City. Some say to survive it you need to be as mad as a hatter and this tour is entirely bonkers... but we'll tell you a secret... the best tours are.


Step through our looking glass as we begin our adventure in the most classic of contemporary sports bars and kick off with a dealers choice Wonderland style "Drink This" sample. Here we will ignite your imagination in preparation for the tour... after all a Cheshire Cat once said “imagination is the only weapon against reality”. Follow us (your white rabbit) down a hole of a slide into your childhood's game-room/club and sip from the finest of beer walls while playing Jenga like its 1999. Then follow us through the labyrinth of new york history and architecture, through a secret entry and up the latter of a Polynesian speakeasy paradise. Here, we encourage you to warm yourself up with Latin inspired cocktails and culture. Let us conclude your imagination's adventure through the looking glass of a literary genius. We will time warp to the Victorian age where old meets new, cocktails run heavy.


The secret sauce to our tour: "surround yourself with people who make your heart smile. Its then and only then that you'll find your wonderland" Lewis Carroll.


*purchase necessary as we do not include drinks.

*beer/wine $8-12, cocktails $15-20

This tour includes the following:

  • Duration 3 hours

  • A New York City licensed tour guide

  • This tour takes place in four separate neighborhoods

  • 1.5 miles walking distance

  • 3-4 drinking locations including a speakeasy


*Alcoholic/non-alcoholic drink menus are available. Drinks and transportation are NOT included. Guests must be 21 + with valid ID and able to walk 1.5 miles at a moderate pace in classy attire e.g. no Uggs, Doc Martens, sneakers, tennis shoes, ripped clothing or obscene shirts. 

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