Our First Post: Prohibition Style

An Argument For Why The Federal Government Is Full Of Godless Heathens

Hello dear reader. I would like to talk to you about the largest issue facing this great nation of the United States of America. What’s that, I hear you say? Difficulties in discussing race and the effects that this lack of discussion can have on various races, whether they are subtle or direct? No, that’s not the issue I’m talking about. Hm? The education system being an institution that unequally prepares students for the real world while failing to let students understand material and instead push for high standardized test scores? No, that is also not the issue I wish to talk about. What’d you say? Police brutality? Ok, you’re just trying to make me angry now, aren’t you?

The largest issue facing our great nation today is that of prohibition - or, rather, the lack thereof. A prohibition of prohibition. Back in the good ol’ days, people were free to be whatever they wanted as long as they were white and not drunk. Nowadays we’re so caught up in this “politically correct” culture of ours that we have to let people be drunk or not-white. It’s a disgrace to what makes this nation truly great. If you ask me, the Constitution should not have been allowed any amendment past the 18th. America would be a better place if only 21-year-olds could vote and women couldn’t. That’s the America I want to live in. Sadly, the Satanists/Illuminati/pagans that head up our government don’t want to see us become that America again, and this they passed the 21st amendment and ruined a truly great thing.

There is a small upside, though. There are still dry counties across the glorious U-S-of-A who realize the dangerous effects that the devil’s sweat can cause us. In these counties, it is not possible to buy any liquor or alcoholic drink whatsoever. I’m not too sure if mouthwash falls into that, though. I should probably check that out. Regardless, these are the kinds of counties we need to see more of. The more states we can get to make it illegal to purchase any form of Satan Juice, the sooner the federal government has to respond to us and make this toxic moistness illegal across the nation. That’s how government works. Once we make a big enough case, they can make it the 32nd amendment or whatever number we’re on. Only then can we become the holy nation we once were.


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