What's a walking tour?

As a walking tour company based in New York city we thought we'd lift up the whole industry because why not... and karma :)

A walking tour is basically any tour on foot, guided by a knowledgeable individual, who is well versed in the field (hopefully licensed like in New York City).

As a New Yorker there's nothing better than taking a stroll through New York and simply discovering.

Imagine knowing what you're strolling through! Imagine being able to ask questions and have them answered by someone who is incredibley versed in where you're walking!! Imagine loving something as specific as architecture, the grid system, broadway or food and diving into it for the day!!!

Now thats how you do New York. Heck, New Yorkers even do walking tours and discover that which they've taken granted for years.

If you're visiting New York or if you're a local looking to learn more than look no further because every week we will lift up three wonderful companies in the city.

Our top three this week (Telltale Tours is a given because we're always amazing):

Like A Local

-food and drinking tours jam packed with history/architecture/art and FOOD. Food for days. Worth every penny.

-choose from flatiron district or Williamsburg based tours.

The Tour (not The Ride)

-new york history from 1800-1990 in the UWS and midtown east

-interactive state of the art aspects

-licensed tour guides

-ask for Rory as your guide

New York Tour1

-jam packed comprehensive informational tours:

-statue of liberty

-little Italy


-ask for Josh Jacobson as your guide

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